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MOCAP is the Leader in Plastic & Rubber Masking, Product Protection, Components, and Custom Moulding.

MOCAP Inc. began manufacturing dip moulded vinyl caps, grips and plugs in 1982 at its first factory located in St. Louis, Missouri USA. MOCAP's reputation as a quality sales and service oriented supplier allowed it to grow such that by 1994 MOCAP had opened 2 new factories in Missouri and a state of the art dip moulding facility in the United Kingdom. Not satisfied with being the best in dip moulding, MOCAP responded to an increasing demand for quality low cost masking products by developing a full line of rubber injection moulded caps and plugs and increasing its vinyl dip moulding capacity. By 2000 MOCAP had successfully launched its Cleartec Packaging division which continues to expand to meet the markets' demands. MOCAP's dedication to serving its customers and providing the best quality products at competitive pricing has provided MOCAP the opportunity to re-invest in its employees and facilities, with the latest expansion into plastic injection moulding.
European Headquarters, Telford, EnglandManufacturing Facility, Sheffield, England
World Headquarters, Park Hills, MO USAManufacturing and Warehouse Facility, Farmington, MO USA
Over the years, MOCAP has proudly expanded its facilities, capabilities and product lines to better serve you, our valued customer. Our production facilities located throughout the world use only the latest in injection, compression, transfer, extrusion and dip moulding technologies. We continue to supply solutions to companies around the world from our locations in North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom. Our newest, wholly owned and operated plant in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China, complete with an in-house tooling & mould making shop, allows us to offer very low tooling costs and very competitive piece prices.

We have grown faster than our competition for one reason only - our customers. Leading manufacturers around the world choose MOCAP for their plastic and rubber solutions because:

  • Our selection of vinyl and rubber products is second to none
  • We have more cumulative experience in vinyl dip moulding. With the acquisition of the dip moulding division of Steere Enterprises, MOCAP now has over 80 years of combined experience in dip moulding...more than any other manufacturer in the industry!
  • We manufacture products in a wide variety of materials such as vinyl plastic, polyethylene, polypropylene, rubber and more
  • Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified
  • MOCAP production facilities only use the latest in injection, compression, transfer, extrusion, and vinyl dip moulding technology
  • We pride ourselves in investing in our employees, which give you the most experienced Sales, Engineering and Production staff in the industry
  • MOCAP has carefully selected various locations for manufacturing around the world to serve you better and faster than anyone else
  • Our Customer Service Department is simply the best in the industry...they are here to serve you, the customer

As one of the largest plastic and rubber moulders in the world, we can provide the product protection, masking, component or custom molding solution you need.


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